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Besides the gift of a gym membership, or some personal training sessions, what do you get someone who is into fitness?

Fitness trends come and go and unless you are following along with all of the latest fads, it can be hard to figure out what is hot and what is not. Not to mention, most equipment can be pretty large and expensive and may not be a great gift to give unless you absolutely know the recipient is pining for something that could potentially take up a large corner of their living room or basement.

To keep your gift ideas on the more affordable side, and in the smaller range (no treadmills, Pelotons or Bowflexes), here’s a list of some fitness inspired items that could impress or come in handy with anyone interested in fitness from an experienced athlete to just starting out.

Kettle Gryp: Kettlebells are a great workout item. They help improve strength, core power, balance, flexibility and coordination. They can also be on the pricier side. The Kettle Gryp is an adjustable, portable weight handle that allows a user to hold and use a regular dumbbell in a way they would use a kettlebell. This can be a great gift idea for home gym users that don’t want to overload their spaces with many different weights and equipment. It is also convenient to be able to bring it with you and use elsewhere, whether on vacation or traveling for work. $20-$35.

Neck fan: If you know someone who often gets overheated, this could be a real winner. This is a small, battery-operated fan that wraps around a person’s neck — they look similar to headphones. They offer a nice cooling breeze to follow you around wherever you go, whether you are working out in the gym, or at home. You could even wear them while doing yard work, or housework. $20-$35.

Resistance band set: Resistance bands are a wonderful way to be able to get exercise anywhere — at home, traveling, at the gym, outdoors. They are large rubber bands that come in a variety of thicknesses that provide different amounts of resistance. They are not only useful for building strength and mobility but can be a wonderful warm up or stretching option for before or after a workout. $10-$40.

Fitness watches: Fitness watches help you keep track of anything from your workouts to your heart rate. Most track steps, calories burned, intensity, heart rate, GPS, sleep and more. Some watches can connect with your phone and …….


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