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HONG KONG, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the middle of COVID-related upheavals in the fitness industry, UTime Fitness has evolved with a redefinition of fitness management, UK expansion, and a flexible, integrated new product.

After his latest successful fitness franchise leadership role, the brand is now led by long-time fitness leader Rey Bolivar – the newly appointed CEO and Managing Partner of UTime Fitness.

Rey has degrees in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, and Management, and has held diverse positions from personal trainer to CEO across New York and most Asian capital cities in his 29 years in the industry. Leading nine countries through closures and reopenings during the pandemic has virtually doubled his experience – balancing government mandates with the needs of various stakeholders from members to a board of directors.

Rey had one thing on his mind when joining UTime: customer-centered redefinition. “COVID fast-tracked the growth of the fitness industry by at least a decade, with everyone realizing the importance of health in building immunity and enhancing their daily lives. However, restrictions – physical, social, financial – have also drastically changed the way people view an active lifestyle. Bricks-and-mortar gyms must adapt beyond the membership mindset to offer greater flexibility for consumers who are quite rightly more demanding for options and customization – and this trend will continue for years to come.”

UTime Fitness is redefining the fitness industry by providing a truly seamless fitness experience. It has recently launched a hybrid membership, giving members digital and physical options to enable them to work out on location, on-demand, and on the go through the UTime app, at UTime gyms, or anywhere they happen to be.

To strengthen the offering, UTime has partnered with industry giants such as Life Fitness, Virtuagym, Myzone, and Theragun to integrate their platforms, allowing members to track all their activities inside and outside the gym, follow and create their custom workouts, receive personalized coaching, and even monitor their nutritional intake to improve mental well-being.

Aside from the hybrid membership and its premium app, UTime Fitness is introducing a modular franchise model in preparation for its extensive growth plans. These modules were created to adapt to various locations, consumer demands, and franchisee budgets. Currently, with seven curated zones ranging from a Plug and Play cardio area to a Rest and Recovery zone, this is another unique concept not only in fitness but also in franchising.

The new offers and features of UTime Fitness go live in November, …….


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